Maria Marzaioli

by Ekho

Maria Marzaioli is a Musician/Composer MariaMarzaioliSoundcloud

“As an artist I am interested in sonic and musical representations of the landscape around us – both the natural and built environment. Through sound, my work seeks engagement with the phsyical world in alternative ways and encourages people to explore and (re)evaluate their relationship with place and space differently.”

Submission to ‘Ekho:: Toward a Repetitive Sounding of Difference’



“This work was conceived as a score, giving a set of instructions to be followed for a journey of your own choosing that is to be repeated on the hour, every hour for 24 hours. The piece of music ’24 hours in 12 minutes’ is created from the recordings made on the journey I chose, following those instructions.”



“The piece is made up of multiple acts of repetition, physically walking the same path repeatedly and recording at the same places for set durations of time. The use of contact mic as well as ambient recording in this piece was important; I wanted to hear the hidden sounds of these places, to understand them more fully and discover their secret life. The creating of this piece was also motivated by the desire to know familiar places in sound more completely, hear the different sounds carried within and resonating through each location at different times of the day and night. It is an act of discovery and exploration, ritual and demystification…”

“The score forced me to confront my own sense of safety as a woman in public places at night. i wanted to be able to reclaim these spaces for myself, make them safe and interact with them without fear.” Quotes from Supporting Statement