Caroline Park

by Ekho

Caroline Park is a composer, musician, and artist working within the minimum in experimental electronic music. www.blanksound/org

“Echo, subversive difference, and repetition all play core roles in the way I create music. As a sound-artist and composer, I find that having less direct control in both performing and in composing allows me to listen much more deeply, with a greater sense of awareness of space and how sound can color it and non-aggressively explore a given space’s physical perimeter. The manner in which I let go of this control is through chance. My work is quite minimal — I work within the minimum — and by both limiting myself with specific constraints and juxtaposing a specific curation with chance procedures, the resultant work emerges simultaneously focused and open. I tend to listen and explore rather than take charge…”

Submission to ‘Ekho:: Toward a Repetitive Sounding of Difference’



OTO – “I began exploring “stock” MIDI piano sound with systems of very fast and/or changing rates programmed in Max/MSP. I found that these fast rates would produce expansive, blurred, organic textures — a digital, yet semi-natural resonance from the sound of MIDI piano. OTO allowed me to explore particular pitch combinations through such extreme rate-processing, the minimal pitch material acting as a portal into these simple and profound systems.”

“There is actually no such thing as repetition — every instance is a new one, our minds are not exactly the same as when we heard one iteration from the next. Our minds are constantly changing, time is perpetually in motion, space changes. I am interested in continuity via repetition, and often wonder what it means to become a “constant signal”. To me, a constant signal suggests so much of a micro-action, repeating over and over again, to give the sense that it is in motion, like frames of a film.” Supporting Statement.