Sylvia Hinz

by Ekho

Sylvia Hinz“Berlin artist Sylvia Hinz is an Instrumentalist, Conductor, Teacher and Founder of the ensembles XelmYa, UMBRATONO, the bewitched project and Syl’Cor. An expert on Contemporary Music and Improvisation, Hinz studied recorder, experimental music, chamber music and ensemble-leading – and is now working within contemporary improvisation”.

Submission to ‘Ekho:: Toward a Repetitive Sounding of Difference’



[Bass Recorder, breath, voice, tongue. Recorded on Zoom H4n]

‘Windsarie describes my preoccupation with the topics of wind and breath. Growing up near the coast, I always loved the sounds of wind and the storms. I began playing the recorder aged seven and have had a focus on breath (breathing sounds) and wind noises ever since’ Quote from Hinz’s supporting statment