Johanna Bramli

by Ekho

“Johanna Bramli is a sound artist, performer and composer dealing with sensory perception, spaces and audience interaction. She is a founding member of the Metahub, an interdisciplinary platform for international, real-time, artistic and cultural meta-communication. Since 2000, she has been a professional musician performing, recording and touring internationally in a variety of pop, rock and electronic acts.

Additionally, Bramli works as a lecturer in Music Performance and Composition for Media for the Foundation Degree and BA courses at Northbrook College, Worthing (partner of University of Brighton) sharing her study and practice in experimental composition, multi-disciplinary arts and performance, and installations-based work”.

Submission to ‘Ekho:: Toward a Repetitive Sounding of Difference’



‘Atom is an 8-channel surround piece (the attached audio is a stereo version) based on two fundamental sound sources; the human voice and the sine wave – one organic, one processed. These sounds merge into one another, highlighting their commonalities, yet their differences. The ethereal textures of the vocal harmonies gradually turn into low drones that have more oppressive sonic qualities and reveal a darker undertone to the whole piece. The vocal harmonies come back in the third section, accompanied by an ordered repetitive count to 4 that give authority whilst retaining the initial softness of the opening section. In the 8-channel version of Atom, these gradually building sonic textures surround the audience, creating a sense of immersion and meditation. It is written so that it can be indefinitely looped as part of an installation (which is how it was performed in the past).’ Quote from Bramli’s supporting statement.