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Celebrating the Work of Women within Sonic Art: an expanding archive promoting equality in the sonic field

Maryanne! Maryanne!

a note from John Cage to Maryanne Amacher …

maryanne amacher


Suzanne Ciani, Trailblazing Synth Musician

Suzanne Ciani

Radio piece with Suzanne Ciani on NPR, including clips of her music. She talks about gender politics in the history of music composition, the joy of composing and more… LISTEN HERE

Daphne Oram Documentary – Wee Have Also Sound-Houses

A Portrait of Eliane Radigue

Pauline Oliveros – Valentine

pauline oliveros valentinePauline Oliveros’s Valentine in performance 1968

Meredith Monk – Songs of Ascension 2008

Selected Discography of Women’s Electro-acoustic Music

Selected Discography of Women’s Electro-acoustic Music compiled by Elizabeth Hinkle Turner. Click on image below to view –


Ruth White – Evening Harmony 1969

Ruth White (born 1925) is an American composer known for her electronic music compositions. While most of her career was dedicated to educational recordings, she is perhaps most famous for being an electronic music pioneer, most notably for her early explorations of sound using the moog synthesizer…”

Elizabeth Keathley

“…a defining moment of my high school education happened in this wise: in mychemistry classroom, before the beginning of class, a small group of boysgathered around the teacher and laughingly tried to persuade him to sign a petitionrequesting that Walter Carlos come to our school to play all of the Well TemperedClavier on the Moog synthesizer. Thinking that that sounded pretty neat, I offeredto sign the petition. “You don’t know anything about Moog synthesizers,” thealpha boy sneered. “Yes, I do.” “Then you don’t know anything about Bach.”Thus dismissed on both technical and musical grounds—surely because of mygender—I was unimaginably delighted in the late 1970’s when Walter became Wendy.” – Elizabeth Keathley 2001

Suzanne Ciani demonstrating Sound Synthesis

Charlotte Moorman performs with Paik’s TV cello

Nam June Paik collaborated extensively with cellist Charlotte Moorman (1933-1991), including in their 1976 Kaldor Public Art Project, in which they presented an exhibition of Paik’s objects and more than 40 performances in Sydney and Adelaide. In one of these performances at the Art Gallery of NSW, pictured here, Moorman plays Paik’s ‘TV cello’

Making Spaces: Feminist Contexts in Sonic Arts

A superb paper by Holly Ingleton, click H E R E to view PDF

Katharine Norman


“Katharine Norman is a composer, sound artist and writer, currently an independent scholar and research fellow at De Montfort University’s centre for Music, Technology and Innovation. She has an especial interest in listening, sound and place, and her creative work traverses several disciplines with an emphasis on music and sound art, often involving text…”

Visit her website here : www.novamara.com

Katharine Norman – Soundscapes

Presentation by Katharine Norman on soundscape music analysis for the AHRC funded project ‘New Multimedia Tools for Electroacoustic Music Analysis.

Ellen Fullmann on the Long Stringed Instrument